The Care You Deserve, Only Faster. Beach Family and Urgent Care is a small-but-growing, family-run business. We pride ourselves in our commitment to your experience as a patient. We do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere, administer convenient service, and uphold our team to an elevated standard of compassion that raises the bar for medicine everywhere. We believe that you deserve the best quality care, whether that means something small, like providing coffee in the lobby and television programs in the exam rooms, or something big, like shorter wait times and a smiling, welcoming staff. From the moment you step inside the doors of one of our offices and until your medical experience is totally complete, we offer you this kind of individual-based, community-oriented service.  

Service Providers


Ron K. Reynolds, MD

  • Graduated from Indiana University

  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

Ron is the founder and CEO of Beach Family and Urgent Care. He originally hails from Terre Haute, Indiana. He has 30 years of experience as a board-certified emergency physician. In 2001, after 9-11, Ron developed and co-administered the first international program for physicians on bioterrorism.  

Whenever he has free time, you can find Ron watching football (he's a dedicated Rams fan), walking on the beach, and traveling internationally.

Ron’s primary reason for starting Beach Family and Urgent Care was to set a new standard for care and convenience of medical treatment in the Horry County community.


Zaundra Jones, MD

  • Graduated from West Virginia University

  • Specialized in Family Practice

Zaundra is originally from Charleston, West Virginia. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing softball, watching movies, and going to the beach. Not only is she a main provider at Beach Family and Urgent Care, but she also works as a team physician at Heartland Hospice. 




Ruta Rimkiene, MD

  • Graduated from Vilnius University Medical School

  • Specialized in Family Medicine

Ruta is originally from Lithuania. She has two daughters and a son and loves spending time with her children. She is also a huge fan of traveling and hopes to visit Brazil in the near future. Though Ruta is a fan of all music, she especially enjoys listening to rock, alternative, symphony, and jazz. She's currently taking photography courses and often takes long runs on the beach.


Janice Hart, DO


Stephen ReMine, MD

  • Graduated from University of Minnesota Medical School

  • Specialized in Surgical Oncology at Mayo Clinic

Stephen is committed to bringing the best out of people through their health and well-being. As well as his specialty and MD, he also has additional training in Hospital Management and is board-eligible in Addiction Medicine. 



Richard Snyder, MD

  • Graduated from West Virginia University School of Medicine

Dr. Snyder is from Beckley, West Virginia. He has over thirty years experience in Urgent Care and Family Medicine. 

He was stationed at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, where he worked in the Emergency Room and was Chief of the Primary Care Clinic. He had his own private practice in North Myrtle Beach for 17 years. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and playing piano.


Penelope A. Campbell, MD

  • Graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine

  • Specialized in Pediatrics

Dr. Campbell is originally from South Shore, Kentucky. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and playing the piano. In the decade and a half that she has been practicing medicine, Dr. Campbell has worked in pediatrics, urgent/family care, and college student health.


Maria Salomon, PhD, NP-C

  • Graduated from Indiana University (BSN, MSN, and PHD)

  • Board Certified Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Maria's nursing experiences include medical-surgical, intensive care, psychiatric and community/urgent care nursing. She has educational experience as the director of a baccalaureate nursing program.  Maria is currently practicing as nurse practitioner in urgent care and family practice. Her favorite animal is the owl.


Emily Misja, PA

  • Graduated from Ohio Dominican University

Emily is originally from Ohio. She is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support on top of her PA. She has a shepherd mix named Lacey and loves taking long walks with her. Emily also has a bit of a creative side; she is an avid Pinterest user and loves finding new ideas and projects on there. Her favorite musical is Les Misérables. 


Emily Wright, DNP, NP-C


Darryl Valentine, PA-C

  • Graduated from the Medical College of Georgia

Darryl is a Savannah, GA. native with over thirty years of healthcare experience. He began his
career as an Army Combat Medical Specialist in the mid eighties with service in Germany and
Southwest Asia. He remained on active duty until 1994 with a focus in Pediatrics prior to
his transition into civilian nursing.

Darryl’s specialties include: General Orthopedics, Spine Surgery,General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, Theater of War Field and Clinical Operations, Family Medicine and Urgent Care. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm with service as a front line medic in a Combat Engineer Battalion and more recently served as an Army Medical Specialist Corp Officer with the 1st Infantry Division, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan in 2008 and III Corps Battalion PA, Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq.


Charlie Graham, FNP-C

  • Graduated from Francis Marion University

Charlie was born in Conway and attended Coastal Carolina University and Francis Marion University. Her hobbies include being outside anytime she can, kayaking, gardening, reading and spending time with her dogs. She and her husband, Danny, reside in the Conway area.

Charlie has the following certifications: ACLS, PALS, CEN [certified emergency nurse], previous paramedic [retired certification early 2018], previous flight nurse with Carolina LifeCare & AirMethods Corp.